Department of Natural Gas Engineering Faculty of Drilling, Oil & Gas
Research Activities

The scientific and research studies conducted at the Department of Natural Gas Engineering, Faculty of Drilling, Oil & Gas


  • Thermodynamics of natural gas, gas-condenste systems and oil-gas systems;
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration in gas reservoirs and coal seams;
  • Gas storage in abandoned hard coal mines;
  • Research in the field of natural gas engineering, with particular emphasis on well testing and modelling of natural gas exploitation
  • Physics of oil and gas reservoirs, especially hydrodynamics and gas-dynamics of multiphase flow in reservoirs and phenomena associated with flows;
  • Energy analysis for Poland and other countries;
  • LNG transportation;
  • Chromatographic analysis;
  • Studies and designing associated with gas transmission, construction of gas pipelines, multimedia pipelines;
  • Designing of natural gas reservoirs management, underground gas storage, transmission and distribution network, gas pumping stations, environmental protection in the gas industry;
  • Determination of hydrocarbon reservoirs resources by using the mass balance method and computer simulation methods;
  • Designing of underground gas storage facilities operated under different energy and reservoir conditions with computer simulators;
  • Designing of reservoir exploitation,
  • Upstream management of natural gas reservoir.


Faculty of Drilling, Oil & Gas broadly co-operates with industry and research entities in Poland and abroad, as a result of which joint EU and domestic grants are realized and numerous publications, expertises and patents are worked out.